Enchanted songs

21 feb.

About two months ago I discovered a song that I liked very much because of it’s theme and style. It was sung by Mercedes Lackey, who is also a writter. I started a search further on and other of her beautiful songs came to my ears. So I thought I should share some with you.

  • The first one is Battle Dawn:

  • Another one is Advice to Young Magicians:

  • The next one is The Colddrake:

Young Vanyel once awakened from, a dream of death and fear.
If he should choose to be a mage, his doom would then draw near,
Of future filled with suffering was all that he could see
And so he made a choice to leave k’Treva there then flee.
Into the winter’s bitter cold he hurried on that day,
His mind was numbed and chilled and he could scarcely find his way.
When pondering his haste made choice he thought then to return,
But a magic cry for mercy made his frozen spirit burn.

Silver and amethyst the Colddrake hunts for prey,
Its glowing eyes can hypnotize and steal your soul away.

He caught the cry of magic then and followed it where is led,
And all the while a helpless anguish echoed in his head.
He came upon a holding in a sheltered forest vale,
Destroyed in ruthless fury by a monster cold and pale.
A woman and her children huddled near the Colddrake’s maw.
Her husband lay in shreds beneath an unforgiving claw.
The beast entranced her victims neither looking left nor right,
She knew full well the peasants had no way to run or fight.

Silver and amethyst the Colddrake hunts for prey,
Its glowing eyes can hypnotize and steal your soul away.

Then suddenly a man stepped fourth, a pitch fork in his hand,
As if alone he’d face the beast, and bravely take a stand.
Though old and frail he could not bear to watch his kinfolk die,
He was the only chance they had, and he was bound to try.
The old man thrust his weapon deep into the Coldrakes side,
He knew his life was forfeit and there was no where to hide.
As Vanyel watched, the monster killed the farmer where he stood.
Distraction broke the calling as the old man knew it would.

Silver and amethyst the Colddrake hunts for prey,
Its glowing eyes can hypnotize and steal your soul away.

From hiding then did Vanyel spring, rage forcing his attack.
He shielded all the peasants and he forced the monster back.
With magic drawn from hidden nodes, he flung the Colddrake high
And watch it’s broken body plummet from the winter sky.
Courage of the simple folk can move a man to tears,
Or give him strength to face a foe and conquer all his fears.
So Vanyel made a choice that day, he never would regret;
A farmer taught a lesson that the mage could not forget.

Silver and amethyst the Colddrake hunts for prey,
Its glowing eyes can hypnotize and steal your soul away.

Silver and cardinal lay on the snow that day,
For young Vanyel unfroze his spell and chose the mage’s way.

  • The last but not the least, Shi’a’in warsong:

Maiden, Worrier, Mother, Crone,
Help us keep this land our own
Rover, Guardian, Hunter, Guide,
With us now forever ride!

Gold the down-sun spreads his wings
Follow where the East-wind sings
Brothers, sisters, side by side,
To defend our home we ride!

Eyes of Hawks the borders see
Watches, guard it carefully
Let no stranger pass it by
Children of the Hawk, now fly!

Speed of Deer, oh grant of these
Swift to warn of enemies,
Fleeter far then any foe
Deer-child, to the border go!

Cunning as the Wolf-pack now,
To no overlord we bow!
Lest some lord our freedom blight,
Brothers of the Wolf now fight!

Brave, the great Cat guards his lair,
Teeth to rend and claws to tear
Lead the battle, first to last,
Children of the Cat, hold fast!

Hawk and Cat, and Wolf and Deer,
Keep the Plains now save from fear,
Brothers, sisters, side by side,
To defend our home, we ride!

(I don’t own any of these; all I did is just a highlight to what somebody else did, so give the proper credits to them).


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