Moon Revenge (english version)

16 Iul

Hi everyone! I want to share with you this beautiful version of Moon Revenge, a song from Sailor Moon.
I hardly found the lyrics which are made by Gramarye (thank you). Her website is now closed, but I manage to find them and I post them here together with the music, because some of you might need them (I did). You can visit ValliereVee’s YouTube channel for credit and support, from which I linked this song. Enjoy!

All Senshi:
You found your way to me by clinging to the promise of love
And now you rest, dreaming of love, dreaming of you and me
Then before I left you in the mists of time to fight and to win
I gently laid a farewell kiss upon your cheek and hoped that you’d believe

Love will not live if it remains a dream
There must be desire
And it should never be alone, fill me with the powerful truth
Forever more!

All Senshi:
*If that’s what you want
Then I dare you to find it
There is a burning red kiss, a fire tattoo
Our past and future engraved upon a tattoo
I’ll know with one look
There is no way to hide it
It’s in the shape of your lips, that burning tattoo
And I can feel the pain
Go insane
It’s Moon Revenge, wooo…..

When the dark attempts to cover up the light that’s shining within
We will be strong, never give in, steady and burning true

I can see that when we part it will be hard and painful for us
And yet I still wish that the next vision of love that I will see is you…

As our love deepens it will fill with greed
Never let me go
I want to own you, hold you, mind and heart and body and soul,
Forever more!

It climbs toward the surface,
Emerge from the whirlpool
The color red is the poison in the tattoo
The future’s chaos engraved upon a tattoo

All Senshi:
We will be together
Our love can’t be broken
It’s in the shape of your lips, that burning tattoo
But just keep holding me
We’ll be free
It’s Moon Revenge, wooo…..

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