The Sims 3 – High-End Loft Stuff

03 feb.

Finally, it’s here! The first stuff pack for The Sims 3. Before our eyes… we can see the future…

First time, there have been a confusion about the name of this release. It was called: „Design & High-Tech”, but now it looks like the final title of the pack is High-End Loft.
Honestly, I expected this to bring a lot of new and charming objects and items, but it seems to be very few of them. And apart from that, I can’t use any Custom Content I had installed before. I have one house with country style furniture and, after I installed this stuff pack, some of the objects were replaced with new High-Tech items. Now my house looks like a pallet of colors… That’s why I’ve opened this post. Maybe someone will find how to fix it.

If not, I’m afraid we have to wait until another update will be released by EA Games. And will have to use only Maxis content. Only if they could brought us more…

Some updates have been released lately, but none of those brought any changes about the Custom Content issue. I’m starting to wonder what will be the next expansion pack or stuff pack. I hope for lots of items and clothes, otherwise the game will fall into a boring state.

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